Sahil Sharma

Sahil Sharma

Copenhagen, DK



In 2015 Sahil graduated from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IaaC) in Barcelona, receiving a Master degree specializing ininteraction design, material research, computational designing, emergent urban and sustainability strategies, digital fabrication and a performance based integrative approach to design. IaaC is a leading academic and research institution that promotes scientific and technological innovation in conception, design and construction, with a multidisciplinary approach that draws in different disciplines such as architecture, engineering, biology, sociology, anthropology and other fields of investigation, to face the challenges posed by our environment and shaping the future of cities, architecture and technology. This 21’st century approach that IaaC fosters has shaped Sahil as the architect he is today. An architect that possesses avant-garde knowledge in a new field of approaching architecture, where rapid prototyping and computational designing become key tools in exploring solutions found amongst nature’s systems of biology, societal behavior and the environment. 


Curriculum Vitae:                                                     



Neo Vastu Group, Chandigarh, IN, Junior Architect

I was working as a junior architect on projects, I worked on many design-built projects, I got to gain experience of many diverse kind of project in the studio such as residential housing projects, hospital, hotel, commercial stores and interior design of commercial and residential. As a part of the studio i had the responsibility of client interactions and i worked on aspects of conceptual designing, schematics, design development, visual renderings, physical modelling, construction documents and construction supervision of the projects.

Jan 2012 - Aug 2013

Abdarchitetti, Brescia, IT, Architect Intern

I was working with team of architects on projects, we worked on some award winning projects and competitions, these projects include Enlargement of cemetery in Induino Olona- Italy (exhibited in Venice bienniale-2014), Sappada Multi-functional Centre, veneto- Italy (won the competition) . As a part of the team i worked on conceptual designing, design development, visual renderings, physical modelling and construction documents of the projects.

Jun 2011 - Dec 2011

Chandigarh College of architecture ( Consultation cell), Chandigarh, IN, Designer

I was working with team of designers on projects from the consultation cell of
Chandigarh college of architecture(Chandigarh administration institute), we worked on some prestigious projects for the city, these projects include Re-design of the Sukhna lake(Urban landscape project), Lighting design for Le Corbusier's Capitol Complex(Lighting design project) and Re-developing parking spaces for the city centre, Chandigarh(Multi- level parking solutions with added value interventions). As a part of the team i worked on conceptual designing, schematics, design development and construction documents of the projects.

Nov 2008 - Jun 2011


IaaC - The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona, ES, MArch, two years professional masters in advanced architecture

During my two years at Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IaaC) I gained knowledge of next generation designing - planning and theories. I got experience of using advanced architectural softwares, coding and digital fabrication tech in architecture, and bringing these softwares to use in order to look onto greater complexity in architectural designing, planning and innovation.

I gained knowledge of how to deal with higher complexity of next generation innovative designing, that involves in depth analysis and pre-research of the environment and surrounding before stepping into designing.

During my first year at IaaC i worked on several research project focused into harvesting renewable energy(AmpLeaf), interactive designing(Drxya), Structural experimentation(Stick Tower, Nubular, Experimental Staircase), performance analysis based designing(Craving- metabolic cycle based self sufficient Cave) and urban intelligence (Re-phemeral).

I have had a special interest into material performances and i did my research thesis from the institute into material performances and how digital fabrication techniques can play a greater role in enhancing the natural properties of the materials, in my case i was researching into active bending in plywood, and how active bending in plywood can be controlled for desired structural strength by use of digital fabrication techniques and computational designing.

Sep 2013 - Jul 2015

Chandigarh College Of Architecture, Chandigarh, IN, BArch, Five years architecture Bachelors

During my five years Bachelors in architecture from Chandigarh college of architecture, I gained knowledge about designing and planning in architecture at multi-disciplinary scales overlooking variety of different projects.

Besides planning and designing we gained in depth knowledge of architectural history, structural engineering, building services(service specifications) and building material sciences.

I had a great interest personally into urban planning and designing, I pursued extra subjects during my bachelors concerned with urban designing and planning.

Aug 2008 - Jul 2013

Areas of Specialization