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rzlbd Valentine's letter

By rzlbd
Feb 14, '14 11:13 AM EST
rzlbd valentine's card [the great LC at Lady Peel House master bedroom]
rzlbd valentine's card [the great LC at Lady Peel House master bedroom]


I must tell you how much I admire the humble design of your geometry. Your form follows the function of your brain, and that is where my love for you enters the door. My sweetheart, you are a beautiful catastrophe. The longitudinal section of your body is my machine to live in, and the less I see you the more I want you. I respect the void in your skull and do not treat it as emptiness rather think of it as a space to be washed with natural lighting and an atrium that creates the chimney effect for all the heat that you store during your daily intake of our relationship.

But I will have to admit that whenever I see the circles in your body, I immediately want to step out of this relationship, as I believe, in our time, a complex form like you follows relationships with profits, someone who complies with all your codes. I don’t know why you think you can hire me as a lover and then tell me what to do. I cannot offer you anything more than a square space to live in, a white empty room in which you can only keep your black shirts and black boots, but I can offer you love with style. Please remember that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Let’s meet tonight for an espresso shot and discuss our future together.

With passion,

The Architect

Special Thanks to Le Corbusier, Louis Sallivan, Mies Van De Rohe, Buckminster Fuller, Richard Rogers, Leonardo Da Vinci, Frank Gehry.