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Atelier RZLBD, Odyssey Along the Axis

By rzlbd
Aug 11, '20 1:04 PM EST
Atelier RZLBD, Odyssey along the axis
Atelier RZLBD, Odyssey along the axis

Odyssey Along the Axis (Part of Project X*)

The axis is the regulator of architecture.
_ Le Corbusier

In every building, space, and objects, there exists only one (preferred) axial or one-point perspective among an infinite number of (random) diagonal perspectives. Human eyes tend to observe the world from the latter, trying to know everything yet not truly “seeing” anything. In architecture, “a universe within the Universe,” an architect must offer the most specific views, ones which have been “decided and designed” rather than “caused by accident.” If an order exists in architecture, an axial perspective naturally comes out of that order and makes the essence of the building confrontable and approachable. The presence of the singular axis is a manifestation of a well-ordered space, of a will to form even the immaterial qualities of architecture that can inspire people.

The “Odyssey Along the Axis” travels through the interior spaces of the Atelier RZLBD’s domestic projects, through the sequence of fifty some one-point perspective photos. Despite the difference in material and colour palettes (coming from the particularities of each client and each project), the spatial arrangement and the identical vanishing point in the center seems to endlessly draw the viewers in to the abyss of the RZLBD’s creative mind.

Project X is a self-initiated project at Atelier RZLBD to welcome and celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2020. It covers a wide range of projects in diverse formats, from limited edition prints to videos.

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Atelier RZLBD, Odyssey along the axis