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100 Planomorphs by RZLBD

By rzlbd
Jun 28, '21 12:55 PM EST
100 Planomorphs by RZLBD – Matrix
100 Planomorphs by RZLBD – Matrix

100 Series* / Planomorph

Planomorph is an operating system programmed to continuously iterate the underlying geometries of an eligible space. Infinitely defining spatial choreographies in a field of probabilities. It is exceedingly variable and readily assumes different compositions; stretching, dividing and (re)composing within its own conditions. Never staying still, it recalibrates through interior and exterior variables imposed onto itself. The system presents itself as an elaborate wire cutting tool, a grid based on inconspicuous rules and grammar. It does not show the finite result, but a framework revealing a hidden script that allows for a performance of spatial arrangements to play out.

For this short video only 100 variations are shown, yet the system is unending, a protean construction, forever assuming new variations. Like a game of cat’s cradle we start to see patterns and similarities repeat, but the scale and sizes shift. The game can continue indefinitely or find its ending, much like with architecture. _ RZLBD


100 is an ongoing theme/project at Atelier RZLBD that explores serial works, taxonomy, typology, and iteration as a means to explore possibilities, to search for the best solution, if there is any; while remaining faithful to a set of rules, core beliefs, or a modus operandi if you will. Of course, this has been an old tradition among many artists and architects to investigate the creative potential of defined rules to articulate a body of work with coherence.


Medium: Javascript & After Effects

2021, Toronto

Special thanks to Levi Bruce

© Atelier RZLBD / Reza Aliabadi / 2021, Toronto, Canada

100 Planomorphs by RZLBD