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100 Doors by RZLBD

By rzlbd
Jan 14, '21 12:09 PM EST
100 Doors by RZLBD
100 Doors by RZLBD

100 Series* / Doors

I go to the window
and I am opened,
I go to the door
and the handle presses me down.
_ Peter Handke

Doors are decisions, sometimes simple and sometimes complex. We constantly choose and there comes the consequences. Opening or closing a door always leads to other choices.

Doors are silent witnesses to all walks of life, to ones that has passed before them, to hesitant ones that have dared not cross the threshold, to chosen ones that have crossed it to find love, joy, and happiness, to resolute oness that have found a sacred niche …

Doors are beginnings and endings of stories, journeys, memories, intentions, actions, moods, moments, eras …

Doors are arbiter of two opposing worlds, inner and outer, intimate and distant, hopes and disappointments, futures and pasts, reality and fantasy …

Doors are verbs: to abandon, to welcome; to exit, to enter; to close, to open; to disappear, to appear; to escape, to protect; to explore, to return; to depart, to arrive; to go, to come; to rush, to delay; to pass, to pause; to run, to walk; to refuse, to accept; to farewell, to greet; to ignore, to listen; to attempt, to bet; to restrain, to free; to hide, to show; to trick, to suggest; to lie, to confess …

100 is an ongoing theme/project at Atelier RZLBD that explores serial works, taxonomy, typology, and iteration as a means to explore possibilities, to search for the best solution, if there is any; while remaining faithful to a set of rules, core beliefs, or a modus operandi if you will. Of course, this has been an old tradition among many artists and architects to investigate the creative potential of defined rules to articulate a body of work with coherence.

Medium: pencil and acrylic on paper
Size: 10cm x 10cm (4” x 4”)
2020, Toronto

© Atelier RZLBD / Reza Aliabadi / 2021, Toronto, Canad

100 Doors by RZLBD