Toronto, ON, CA



R-01 is an affordable designer chair that is easy to manufacture with minimal details and materials. It was originally designed as a dining chair for a boutique restaurant in Toronto. The main materials of the chair are brushed steel for the structure and painted plywood for the seating pad. Although the geometry of the design is simple and minimal, the chair meets the ergonomic seating standards and is in fact decently comfortable.

Comparing to many chairs, conventional or modern, R-01 is limited to the least essential materials and elements, and the rest is gone. In other words, there is no extra piece in the design so if even one element of the chair was removed, it would fail as a structure.

There are two careful details integrated in the design, one is the back pad, which is made with a resilient material so that leaning back is comfortable, and the other one is the adjustable footings that allow leveling of the chair in case there is any imperfection on the floor. The seating is paint-finished; therefore it can have any color based on the interior design of the space.

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Status: Built
Additional Credits: >
Design: Reza Aliabadi [rzlbd]

Photography: Lynsie Roberts

Location: Toronto
Design: 2011