Ryan Faulkner

Ryan Faulkner

Elgin, IL, US

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I grew up in Naples, Italy, as the child of two missionary parents. I moved to Elgin, Illinois, in 2014, to pursue a degree in Architecture at Judson University. My love for architecture is driven and influenced both by the beautiful buildings I had the chance to grow up around, and by my desire to create beautiful, functional, and life-shaping spaces for people to interact with on a daily basis. I am a very hard worker with a strong desire to learn from those around me, and a willingness to lead when called upon. 


Michael Watkins Architect, Gaithersburg, MD, Architectural Intern

I briefly interned at Michael Watkins Architect during the summer of 2017. My role was primarily to update and render master plans so that they could be presented on websites and in project books. Accordingly, most of my work was either done by hand or in Sketchup, AutoCad, and Photoshop. I also was involved in the design of a community of student residences for an institution called ACHE, located in Arkansas.

Jun 2017 - Aug 2017


Judson University, Elgin, IL, US, BArch, Architecture

While at Judson University, my studies have covered a variety of subjects, from studio classes intended to improve critical thinking and conceptual development, to construction technology and structures courses in order to gain a better understanding of the assembly of buildings and the way they rest upon their sites.

Aug 2014 - current


NTBA Roundtable Scholarship Winner, Scholarship

The NTBA Roundtable Scholarship is awarded to two students, so that they may attend one of the biennial NTBA Roundtables. I was blessed to be able to attend the Roundtable in Seaside, Florida. The keynote speaker for this conference was Andres Duany, of DPZ, and the primary topic of the Roundtable was "Successional Development." It was an excellent opportunity of growth for me, and allowed me to learn a great many things I did not know, as well as meet a number of prominent figures in the field of New Urbanism.


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