David Rowan Johnson

David Rowan Johnson

Venice, CA, US


Innovation Incubator

Innovation Incubator
instructor: Craig Hodgetts
program: Center for Innovation
collaborator: Adam Levine


The organizational layout of this project is derived from a number of hierarchies; including social interaction, efficient workflow, noise control and air quality. The southern section of the site is given to the public, which includes the offices, galleries and theaters.

The workshops are brought together at the center of the site for a few reasons. Workflow is less disturbed when shops are adjacent to each other, allowing users to have quick access to differing types of tools. This crossover also increases social interaction among firms that work on different sorts of projects. Another benefit is that all specialized HVAC and air removal equipment can be condensed and minimized. The shops are all on one level, allowing for ease of shipping as well as moving ones work from assembly space to shop and to gallery space.

Pods of small shop space and meeting rooms are dispersed  through the site for the benefit of people who primarily function in the design and assembly spaces. These pods are organized by adjacencies and sight connections throughout the project. Circulatory paths also catalyze social and visual interaction 

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Status: School Project
Location: Culver City, CA, US