Romarie Gonzalez

Romarie Gonzalez

Pasadena, CA, US



I aim to do things never done and to go places that my discipline (Architecture) haven’t reach yet.  What motivates me into design (1) is to create: experiences through the sensibilization of  technologies and ideas, two (2) to excel where there’s a continuous learning process, and three (3) to engage and develop new ideas into projects.


Government of Puerto Rico, Comerio, PR, US, Urban PLanner Director

Develop programs and planning solutions for the land use. Analyze data(GIS) and statistics, in order to inform strategic developments. Promote environmental education and awareness.Design, revitalize and protect physical facilities in Comerío. Manage Federal Grants. Manage the program of Citizen Participation Policy Program as a model of Urban Planning management- Based on the premise that the government represents the interests of the community, our team developed a Citizen Participation program where the communities defined the projects to be developed in Comerío. Most of the projects to be described arose within these conversations (which occurred monthly). Our office served as translators, developers and connectors of citizens ideas. This governance approach, related to construction planning and management, keeped the community aware of the decision making of projects and provide transparency through the overall process. Achievements: (1) Every citizen had the opportunity to express their hopes and concerns on regard their neighborhood it was really rewarding process to serve to communities by making feasible their ideas. (2)Community participation enhanced my design and management processes and skills

Special projects:

(1)El Cielito and Cuba Libre in Colors: Design urban makeover, and Project Management
(2)New Portal to Comerío: Landscape Master plan for Comerío's Portal
(3)ComeRico El Merendero: Project in Media Luna Hotel
(4)Design of gastronomic route in Comerío - In process
(5)El Cielito Edible Garden - Design
(6)Skate Park and go karts tracks - Design
(7)Rockfalls gallery on 167 Road - Conceptual Master Plan Design/Proposal development - In process

1. To manage a multidisciplinary team that allowed to gain perspective over projects process from the proposal to the building process and project operations.
2. To be able to contribute in a work model environment into one where: engineers, architects, urban planners and administrators work side by side in the decisions from the design and construction to project operations.

Mar 2015 - Oct 2017

Lord Electric Inc., San Juan, PR, US, Spatial Cordinator Architect

Coordination with consultants, contractors and clients. Assists the construction, operations, and estimating departments with different types of services including Building Information Modeling , scheduling, procurement, prefabrication, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and logistics. Piping Design Services via Detailed Isometrics, translation from P&ID and Construction Plans to BIM, Conceptual Model Creation, Computer Aided Design, Project Scheduling, Project Budgeting and Estimating, Visual Planning, Design Peer Checking and Feasibility Analysis via 3D Modeling, As-built Generation, Lidar and 3D Scanning, 3D & 4D Clash Detection Analysis, Robotic Total Station Laser, Projects 3D animations.
Guided Field Point Layout.
Special Projects:

(1) Puma Energy Manifold - Project Coordination
(2)VA Medical Center New Parking - Project Coordination
(3) Lilly del Caribe - Project Coordination
(4)Buckeye Manifold, Corpus Christi - Project Coordination

1. To be the first architect contracted by the company.
2. The trust of my supervisor to appoint me, the most challenging projects.
3. I gained great knowledge in control systems, P&ID, mechanical systems, electrical systems and in general construction processes.
4. Lord Electric took the commission of projects due to the performance of our department; it is noteworthy that our department consisted of electrical engineers mechanical engineers and an architect. The diverse skills of our team were the largest asset, according to our clients.

Mar 2013 - Feb 2015

Industrial Process Automation, Naranjito, PR, US, Designer

Description and responsibilities: Marketing, and Designer on charge of Architectural and Engineering Projects, from the architectural program and conceptual phase at the Industrial and Pharmaceuticals area. Design of the manufacturing facility (Conveyors, Spirals conveyors, process equipment)
Special Projects:

(1)Supermercados Selectos-Ciudadela Conveyor System
(2)The Tree-house Artisan Oven Design
(3)Baxter underground power, sanitary and storm System to new utilities Building

Accomplishments /Benefits:
(1)To open the market of automation systems in supermarket, restaurants area since the company was only focused on industrial, pharmaceutical and hospitals (2)Projects sales improved for the company because of my high quality of drawings and presentation skills.

Jan 2010 - Feb 2013



The Master program has the objective of providing methodological and operational tools required for the evaluation of urban transformation alternatives, perceived as a complex unitary whole. The program is addressed, in particular, to those involved in the development and transformation of the city and the local area as civil servants, professionals, project-financing promoters, real estate entrepreneurs, financial and insurance operators, non-profit organisations and in essence all those who carry out activities related to those of the program manager and, more precisely, the so-called "Polis-maker", with expertise in urban land management.

Nov 2017 - current

Universidad Politecnica de Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR, US, BArch, Architecture Program

The Undergraduate Program provides both a deep and broad education in the field of architecture within the context of a leading school of science and technology. Situated in UPPR's rich and intense educational environment, the program emphasizes the interconnected relationship between architectural design, building technology, computation, history, theory and criticism of architecture and art. The Department’s extensive offerings reflect the program’s commitment to the cultural, social, political, technological and ecological issues of the built environment. Committed to a rigorous and interdisciplinary approach throughout the program, our students are challenged to be creative, innovative, and responsible leaders in the field.

Aug 2007 - May 2012


Mars City Design Challenge Competition, 1st Place

The Mars City Design Challenge mission to integrate designers and scientists and discussion of sustainability, habitability and urbanism on Mars. The workshop experience included: visits to the Jet Propulsion Lab NASA, Spacex, Virgin Orbit among others, presenting at the jury in LA, and this year the all the finalists group are working on a proposal that will be submitted to NASA SBIR PROGRAM with Thomas Heinsheimer as mentor, by January 2018. Both the competition proposals and the proposed NASA SBIR PROGRAM of the Mars Sample Return Project will be published in the Gala mentioned in the page (event produced by Digital Hollywood at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles). The projects of the finalists will be published in multiple forums of aerospace and technology as well as architecture and urbanism, such as MetropolisMag and other events.
We united in this effort, In the hope of being able to enthuse more designers identify opportunities in disciplines and dynamics that seem to be far fetched from our capabilities.


Areas of Specialization