Rocio Fernandez

Rocio Fernandez

Madrid, ES



Architect. I am specialised in urban design and environment. I have developed my profession by making architecture, landscape and planning projects for more than 365 Ha and 685 million €. I have also made competition proposals and construction management. Coordination of multi-disciplinary teams. I am really interested in sustainable integration of innovator proposals of design and planning by understanding the context, studying construction process and taking care of the details.

Professional  Background
projects Improvements for Navacerrada Ski Resort (Cercedilla, Madrid) | Landscape restoration of Cobo Island (Pontevedra) | Equipment and signposting for Valdebebas forest park (Madrid) | Accessible walk in Camino de Santiago at Roncesvalles (Navarra) | Educational walk for the palaeolithic site of Valdocarros (Arganda del Rey, Madrid) | Restoration of Quinta park (Burgos) | University garden of natural landscapes from Madrid (Madrid) | Educational area of Juan Pablo II park (Madrid) | Rest area in the Cañada Real Soriana Oriental (Fuentidueña de Tajo, Madrid) | Equipment guide for rest areas of cattle tracks (Madrid) | New garden for ETS laboratory surroundings of the UAM (Madrid) | New park for Santa Eugenia pine forest in Almodovar hill (Madrid) | New garden for Main Square of the UAM (Madrid) | Fauna centre of the mountains of Guadarrama (Manzanares el Real, Madrid) | Improvements for green space and vegetable wall of Rafael Bergamin st (Madrid) | Extension of Paradise park (Madrid) | Educational garden in Retiro park (Madrid) | New park in Casa de campo norte (Madrid) | Green classroom in UCM (Madrid) | Restructuration of north zone and boulevard in the exhibition area (Alcorcón, Madrid) | District Ahijones landscape master plan (Madrid) | District 2b landscape master plan (Torrejón de la Calzada, Madrid) | New park in Antonio Machado St (Torrejón de la Calzada, Madrid) | New park in Real St (Torrejón de la Calzada, Madrid) | Restorarion of Palomeras, Santa Eugenia, Vandel and Vicalvarada parks (Madrid) | Méndez Álvaro landscape master plan (Madrid) | Landscape restoration of Gamarra park (Vitoria) | Restoration of Bishop Garden park (Madrid) | New tree collection for Valdebebas forest park (Madrid) | New rest area and thematic area for Juan Pablo II park (Madrid) | New agricultural park in “El Encín” (Alcalá de Henares, Madrid) | Restoration of Henares coppice for public use (Alcalá de Henares, Madrid) |

competitions Urban gardening “Villa de Madrid”: Vaguada park and Grecia square (Madrid) | Remodelation of Pilar park (Quijorna, Madrid) | Restoration of Segovia square (Quijorna, Madrid. Awarded: third prize) | Old central electrica of Barzana (Quirós, Asturias) | 
Relevant  Projects
project  Improvements for Navacerrada Ski Resort. Cercedilla, Madrid
client  Comunidad de Madrid
surface area  45.300 m2
Restoration of the space for public use by taking advantage of his natural qualities and playing down the aftermaths of construction out of control. Regeneration of degraded urban zones that have been deserted and urban planning for public space in the ski resort.

project  Restoration of Quinta park. Burgos
client  UTE Jardines de Burgos
surface area  41.200,18 m2
budget  3.798.526,52 €
Construction of a new spatial structure based in a longitudinal slow path and different transverse connections to help the communication in the city across the Arlanzon river. Adaptation of the uses in the park to the space filled by vegetation by removing dark areas to generate a secure space for the pedestrians.

project  Educational area of Juan Pablo II park. Madrid
client  Ayuntamiento de Madrid
surface area  155.941,47 m2
budget  2.750.535,45 €
Opening the compact pine forest towards outside and the city. Drilling his internal space with new uses and lineal paths. Design of a didactic route about traditional uses of the forest.

project  Fauna centre of Guadarrama. Manzanares el Real, Madrid
client  Comunidad de Madrid
surface area  1.260,66 m2
budget  471.813,46 €
Design of a building and accessible walk by recovering shapes and concepts of the rocky surroundings of the Pedriza such as edges and stone materials. Adaptation of artificial installations and fauna containers to natural environment.

project  Educational garden in Retiro park. Madrid
client  Ayuntamiento de Madrid
surface area  3.084,28 m2
budget  389.642,74 €
Connection of some little residual spaces surrounded with municipal uses and design of elements and details to get a wide space as a result.

project  New park in Casa de Campo Norte. Madrid
client  Ayuntamiento de Madrid
surface area  256.937,25 m2
budget  7.200.622,60 €
Zigzag path that allows both connection and fragmentation in a wide waste terrain. Recovery of this space as link between city and field.

project  Green classroom in UCM. Madrid
client  CESPA
surface area  74,50 m2
budget  35.944,82 €
Design of a new external appearance for the university room located in a tree area. It is conceived like a green share taken out of the forest to integrate in urban environment.

project  New park in Antonio Machado St. Torrejón de la Calzada, Madrid
client  GSC
surface area  5.944,75 m2
budget  295.817,52 €
Design of an innovative park in a waste terrain without any previous conditionings to adapt the space to the future needs of the residents. It is characterized by visual permeability and the generation of open spaces limited
by the elements of the design.

project  New tree collection for Valdebebas forest park. Madrid
surface area  43.269,60 m2
budget  2.442.870,00 €
Study of paths and lines of sight in different levels of the structural hierarchy of the park to adapt it to different uses of the visitors. Design of green spaces and urban elements in a natural environment.

project  New thematic area for Juan Pablo II park. Madrid
client  TRAGSA
surface area  60.171,80 m2
Design of singular spaces by recovering sustainable concepts of ancient Mediterranean gardens and applying constructive techniques and current materials adapted to present-day needs.

project  New rest area for Juan Pablo II park. Madrid
client  Ayuntamiento de Madrid
surface area  47.436,39 m2
budget  3.220.799,38 €
The spiral structure was the main concept in which the spatial design and topography was based. Accessibility and comfort stand out in the park in addition to urban lighting that promotes its structure.

project  New agricultural park in “El Encín”. Alcalá de Henares, Madrid
client  Alcalá Natura
surface area  50.406,83 m2
budget  2.147.665,84 €
Design of the exhibition route based in the educational concepts established in the general idea of the park.



Ehspacio Colectivo S.L. Landscape and urban design office, Madrid, ES, Landscape Architect

Coordination of projects and budgets, responsible of design. My relations with strategic clients allowed us to make important projects applying innovative and sustainable criteria to fit with the present needs.

Jan 2010 - current

TALHER S.A. Environmental services and landscape construction office, Madrid, ES, Landscape Architect

Responsible of Project management and competitions. Technical attendance to delegations of the country. The most important contribution I did was my aesthetic sight and my knowledge of architecture and design for constructions and engineering projects that distinguish the company from others.

Jan 2009 - Jan 2010

Equipamientos Ambientales S.L. Environmental consultant office, Madrid, ES, Architect

Responsible of landscape projects and construction. Project management and construction management. Coordination of teams. My technical work allowed the company to complete constructions of more than 2.652.000€ of budget and to earn more than 1.400.000€ by the projects made.

Dec 2005 - Nov 2009


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, ES, BArch, Architect

Postgraduate Courses
City and environment specialisation
Environmental criteria for territorial planning and construction
Landscape architecture
Public parks and green spaces projects
Sustainable urban design
Public space and urban gardens projects
Fundación COAM. 100 hours. Madrid. 2006

Construction specialisation
New construction techniques for urbanization projects
Fundación COAM. 20 hours. Madrid. 2006
Additional Education
2009 International Congress “Spanish-Arabic Gardening”. Granada
Accessibility for urban green spaces. AEPJP. Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid
2007 International Congress “Landscape, Territory and Development GEA XXI”. Valencia
2006 International Congress Construtec: Limit Architectures. COAM. Madrid
Approach to Historic Gardening Management AEPJP TEM-TECMA. Madrid
Environmental criteria for building restoration. IFEMA. Madrid
1999 Advanced architectonic photography. ETSAM. Madrid

Sep 1998 - Dec 2005

Areas of Specialization