Rocamora Arquitectura

Rocamora Arquitectura

Elche, ES



The Rocamora Arquitectura practice works with the concept of an architecture gradually defined right from the start of its always changing awareness, and now, very boldly, by adjusting the means, the timescales and the economics.

In its architectures, social responsibility, technology, innovation and construction find a balance with tastes and fashions, which it intertwines and handles through universal architectural tools worked with competence, passion and dexterity.

The premise was to build a space for interaction between visitors and Levantina, a permeable area as an extension of the traffic lanes that dilutes the line of separation between the public and the private. It is a 100% open space for interaction where the ceramic material, TECHLAM®, allows a habitable, voluminous and sensual architecture to be built thanks to its large format and minimal thickness, opened up to welcome and celebrate human relations in its interior through the use of a 21st-century technological material.

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Status: Built
Location: Bologna, IT
Firm Role: CEO
Additional Credits: Project: "Stand Levantina Cersaie 2017"
Architect: Rocamora DiseƱo & Arquitectura
Exhibition project. Stand Design. Graphic Design.
Year: 2017
[email protected]
Photographer: Cabrera.Photo