Los Angeles, CA


Not a Guggenheim Museum - Helsinki

Rob Mothershed
Dec 19, '14 1:40 AM EST

The trace of mankind is his grafting of Art. Our design proposal seeks to augment a radical
engagement with its immediate context. This generative ambition to offer the instruments of architecture with a strong phenomenal attitude promotes the co-operant forces of nature and creative man to be enmeshed and synthesized. The new Museum invites the public to participate and embrace art as humanistic endeavor. The new museum shall create a global node in the world of contemporary art.

Site Immersion – Helsinki
The new ambient architecture sensitively elevates the new open galleries, roof top terraces, parkway
paths circulation, covered verandas, indoor-outdoor theatrical performance functions, temporary art
exhibitions, and dining into a single blended program that bridges public and private spaces. The layered loosed stacking of assignable space aspires to be anchored and simultaneously elevated. The site property inclusively functions as a gateway building that can transform the city’s waterfront by offering a new voyage of architectural spaces dedicated for art. This blurred looping of urbanization and serial zoning varies and basks in ephemeral light seeking a fluid nebula of social interaction. The new museum complex will construct and establish a free-zoned plexus for the project site while offering a quiet contemplative reservoir for art. The modalities of the interior offer a planetary galaxy of new ephemeral spaces. The constant uniqueness of one space never replicates into another space. .

Project Organization:The interconnected interior space cradles and shines its patrons with diffused light. The hemispherical light (sky and sunshine) is the symbolic cloaking material that promotes an aggregated marriage between program assembly, art installations, fabrications, and performances. The massive swarming of expressive design emerges as a responsive institute that cherishes innovative houses for contemporary art. The museum’s spirited diagram of horizontally extruded thresholds invites the city’s front yard edge into the morphing structure while offering a quiet contemplative reservoir for art. The cinematic stop motion of roof transforming itself into wall turning itself into floor turning into social space makes a new oblique ground plane for the Art Foundation. . While the industrial site is a matrix of inspired physical complexities, the site commands a refocus of spatial vocalization by optimizing the drive-by waterfront views. The perpetual extension of spaces allows solar angles to perform and radiate within the cellular micro-climate of the building. The instrumental program spaces of the museum are sequenced to bridge the park, water landscape, port accessibility and create a global node for cultural interactions The renegade open zoning of small, medium, and large galleries manifest a fluid vertical terrace into a new light chamber of museum design.

Mitch Bennet ( 3D) , Sorayos Tang Chuenchomphu ( Artwork ) , Jesus Chavez ( 3D) , Jonathan Cooperman ( Rendering) , Rob Mothershed ( Design )