Los Angeles, CA


Budapest- National Gallery and Ludwig Museum

Rob Mothershed
Jul 14, '14 11:35 PM EST

 Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art


The design for Budapest’s City Park creates a unified plexus of cultural expositions. The two wings of the museum hyper fold with the park context to sculpturally suggest invitation, dedication, and exhibition. The building is an urban song bird for the city. The open art museum has landed. The runway into modern art is dances with the wind of time. The swarming energy of the building commands a palace for contemplation and reflection. The visitors enter from the north side and are greeted with a shared structure canopy drop off area. The incisions with the manifold structure ignite public gathering zones. The free spirit and autonomous masses present the programs in a striated fashion that elegantly conceals and reveals a spectrum of social spaces.

The micro zones with the building harness a in-flective journey into the world of Hungarian Art. This museum features a vertical rotunda that vertically threads all the major circulation into a singular channel. The distribution and splintering of  north light is kept to the top and bottom of the structure. The middle two collection floors are enclosed from light. Security, safety and welfare are controlled through monitored gate ways and passages. This project was developed and designed with team mates Jesus Chavez and Jonathan Cooperman.