Pier Andrea Rizzo

Pier Andrea Rizzo

Lonigo, IT




My name is Pier Andrea Rizzo, I'm an architectural project manager, I live in Vicenza in the north of Italy.
Since little work outside of italy  is a dream of mine and now with the skills acquired over the years, the experiences, and tired of living in a country without opportunities and prospects for young people.I want to export export the Italian style in executive planning and design, a kind of style respected and copied around the world.


Myself, Lonigo, IT, E-nature

Collaboration with RMG project ( for the creation and development of the new project E-NATURE (

May 2013 - current

Ecofine srl, Gazzolo, IT, Architectural project menager

I was an advisor, seller and supervisor in the construction site, in low thickness insulation system (imported by Aspen Areogles).

Mar 2012 - Oct 2012

" Verona Progetti" Architecture firm, San Bonifacio, IT, Architectural project menager

My role at the studio was to take care of architectural projects, organize all the burocracy, and supervise the construction sites until the end of the works.
I work as a freelancer in the following areas.

Architectural Design:

- Design, renovation and restoration of buildings: residential, industrial and commercial;
- Designing public spaces: sports centers, gyms, medical offices, etc..;
- Executive architectural plans;
- Measurement;
- Executive plans technical equipment (electrical and plumbing);

Interior Design:

- Internal measurement of buildings;
- Interior design in various sectors: home, office-directional, shop, Hotel, restaurant, bar, gardens, urban areas, singles furniture components, and more.

3D Modeling & Executive plans:

-3D Modeling and Rendering of: pieces of furniture, buildings, objects for graphics, mechanical 3D Modeling;
-Executive plans of: Architectural, exhibition stands, furniture.

Oct 2009 - Mar 2012


ITG Cangrandedella scala, Verona, IT, Architectural project menager

I successfully passed the state exam for professional qualifications to practice the profession of Architectural project manager

Nov 2011 - current

M.o.l. Luciano Dal Cero, San Bonifacio, IT, High School, Architectural project menager

Jan 2004 - Jul 2009

Internship in "Edil RI.PA." construction company, Lonigo, IT, Architectural project menager

Jul 2008 - Aug 2008

Internship in "Pilotto Maurizio" engineering firm, Lonigo, IT, Architectural project menager

Jun 2008 - Jun 2008

Internship in "Maesani Raffaele" architectural firm, Lonigo, IT, Architectural project menager

Jun 2007 - Jun 2007

Areas of Specialization