vincenzo riccardo

vincenzo riccardo

Naples, IT



During my studies and professional experiences, which is strongly related to an innate attention to the man-made fabrics, I ideally generated a synthesis of the architect, who must be able to harmonize the integration between the disciplined thinking about the design process with an open sensibility to the needs of customary practice.
In achieving this synthesis I defined my approach to design, which, preceded by analysis deputies to raising the level of variables's knowledge, taking into account a model of architectural composition born with the masters of the modern movement and that in today's vision is not only type of spatial or dimensional, but it is primarily a perceptual composition of the architectural object in context, all possible thanks to the methods of contemporary representation.
Consequently, my work seeks to simplify principles, systems and professional practice in which the architectural relationships, theoretical and conceptual are based; possibly trying to reach a design and architectural level of quality.


Freelancer, Italiano, CV, project architect

Oct 2012 - current


Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, Aversa, IT, Bachelors, architettura

Jan 2013 - current

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