Renee Salai

Renee Salai

Los Angeles, CA, US


Red @ the NoHo Metro

The North Hollywood Metro Station is the northern most stop of the metro system and the beginning of the orange line extension making this station one of the most used stations as people travel south into downtown Los Angeles.  The surrounding area has a typical "second Los Angeles" sprawl of commercial buildings along the main streets.  Red is a 3D grid matrix structure located at the North Hollywood Metro Station that creates a new type of city center centered around public transportation. 

The grid matrix covers the existing parking and transit museum with a 1600 ft x 600 ft x 150 ft open grid framing.  The grid is divided into 100 ft x100 ft x 150 ft vertical columns.  Each vertical columns consists of 5 100 ft x 100 ft x 30 ft individual units stacked. These units can be divided in half in the x, y, and z directions.  The individual units would then be filled with one or more of the prefabricated buildings.  When placing the buildings into the grid each building must connect to another for circulation.  Within each vertical column, there can be up to 60% solid, but 40% must be left void and one of every three vertical columns must have a quarter section open from top to bottom.  There are three main circulation zones within the structure; one at each end and one at the center by the metro entry.  Informal circulation is present with walkways and smaller stairs between each building.  Program consists of commercial and public services, including restaurants, cafes, shops, gyms, offices, clinics, and business.  These programs are arrange around the metro based on a time gradient.  Things that take less, like fast food, is located closer to the metro entrance and things that take longer, like a gym, are farthest away from the metro entry.

Red creates a new vertical downtown at the North Hollywood Metro Station that allows for a more walkable city in the "third Los Angeles".  Moving vertically allows the ground floor to stay open for circulation and creates a space like a public park, while the programs on the upper levels create a canopy of shade and condenses a whole one mile radius of public programs into the space of one parking lot.

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Status: School Project
Location: North Hollywood, CA, US
My Role: Designer