Rachel Park

Rachel Park

Columbia, MD, US


Urban Acupuncture: Community Forge

Working first hand with real clients from the Community Forge organization as well as with the surrounding neighborhood, my teammates and I in this studio project have done extensive firsthand research by personally going into the nearby neighborhood to capture pictures and real testimonies from community member interviews in order to develop an urban design that would positively benefit the neighborhood that we were working in. After our research, we have come to design a master plan of "islands" that have different uses characterized by the people that we talked to. Each Island represents elements of play, learning, and community in order to make it useful and long-lasting. The first phase of the project has been implemented by the studio as we personally procured the materials needed and prepared and finished the implementation of the painted learning island of the master plan scheme. More information about the project can be found on my website (

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Status: School Project
Location: Wilkinsburg, PA, US
My Role: Tasked with Playground Island design of the master plan scheme as well as took on the split tasks of community outreach and learning and implementation of the first phase of the design.
Additional Credits: Community Forge, The Kaboom Grant, PPG paints, Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture Urban Design Professor Stefan Gruber