raya shaban

raya shaban

New York, NY, US


The Corner of the North Sea

The project deals with the dynamic landscape of Dungeness in Kent, through the exploration of industrial processes of land exploitation and the response of nature in reforming the landscape. In this ongoing narrative between human interventions and the landscape, I have focused on a particular moment taking place on the corner of the sea. In this corner, 90 meters away from the waters sits an active nuclear power plant built in 1963. The project is about the processes required to keep this distance from closing up by extracting pebbles from other parts of the land and Accumalating it along the shoreline. Through design I am considering possibilities of turning such processes into habitable and usable common space in the landscape. The designed excavations show that extracting pebbles and maintaining the landscape can take place simultaneously. Over time excavations are colonised by plants, some growing naturally and others growing according to the design. The project speculates on a future where excavations are overtaken by plants and the landscape of Dungeness turns into a series of underground gardens across the industrial site. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Kent, UK
My Role: Concept formation and Architectural Designer