Rasha Lama

Rasha Lama

Montreal, QC, CA



Rasha Lama has a signed lease in Montreal, Canada. A recent B.Com graduate from McGill University, she has deferred her MLA at RISD for FALL'22. In passing, a designer; in vocation, a writer; she simply creates because she thinks a bit too much beyond capacity, and so explores her thoughts in materials and forms beyond intuition and reason. Digitally, she exists on .



Desautels Sustainability Network, Montreal, QC, CA, Creative Director

• Founded the brand’s identity from the logo, website, and promotional material, to highlight our organization’s purpose, reaching 1000+ students, 26 student groups, 12 companies, 5 events in 4 months
• Formalized sub-brand identity, Desautels Business Conference on Sustainability, and created all promotional materials including conference booklets, schedules, posters, announcement posts, and website.
• Designed the brand identity (logo, documents, content, UI interface) of Canadian Business Youth Council for Sustainable Development, for a national council uniting Canadian undergraduate student organizations in sustainable business to nurture the next generation of business leaders who envision sustainability as both an opportunity and a necessity for businesses.
• Deliverables: brand identity; logo; website; sponsorship packages; promotional material; brand book; merchandise.

May 2018 - Jan 2021

Building 21 (McGill University), Montreal, QC, CA, Strategic Designer

• Founded "Spatial Design" project, a complete space design overhaul to tackle the issue of space constraint. The goal is to maximize our space’s potential to gather more people while letting the space itself express ourselves following 3 design goals: (1) fill every room with something, (2) let our building speak for us, (3) do everything with creativity and community in mind. This is our "Spatial Design" project: to craft a story through our space about the people brought together by B21’s creativity, innovation, and exploration.
• Spearheaded spatial design project, a full interior overhaul to (a) address physical constraints and (b) revamp the space such that the building itself is a reflection of the creativity and community at the heart of B21.
• Designed visual interface of BLUEPAGES, a digital community directory to showcase projects hosted in house and facilitate collaboration across disciplines.

Sep 2019 - Mar 2020

LEKKER Bikes, Amsterdam, NL, Graphic Design Intern

• Designed brand and store materials for retail locations in Amsterdam and Australia as well as e-commerce platforms.
• Optimized storefront’s layout based on incoming product shipments, organized storage rooms between warehouses, and helped customers in-store and online.
• Deliverables: bike manuals; store catalogue (print); product packaging; store signage; mock-up van design.

May 2019 - Aug 2019

Building 21 (McGill University), Montreal, QC, CA, Sustainability and Green Space Innovator

• Founded "21st Forest", an innovative project using biophilic design through turning a storage room into an “indoor forest”: an indoor
sensory-immersive space to dissolve emotions, trigger conversations, and enhance reflection.
• 21st Forest: applied biophilic design principles to turn a storage room into an “indoor forest;” an immersive space to foster reflection & conversation.
• Collaborated with McGill’s Office of Sustainability for such initiatives as B21’s Bronze Sustainable Workplace certification and Indoor Herbal Tea Garden funded by the Sustainable Project Fund.

Sep 2018 - Apr 2019


McGill University, Montreal, QC, CA, Bachelors, B.Com: Major in Sustainable Business

• Relevant coursework: ARCH375 Landscape; BIOL240 Monteregian Flora; ENVR400 Environmental Thought; MGPO438 Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation; MGPO475 Strategies for Developing Countries; MSUS400 Independent Studies: Business of Sustainable Coffee; PHIL349 Environmental Philosophy; PHIL474 Phenomenology; PLNT312 Urban Horticulture; RELG451 Zen Buddhism: Poetry & Art

Sep 2017 - May 2021


RISD Fellowship, Scholarship

Awarded RISD Fellowship of US$27,610, an annually renewed merit-based scholarship for accepted graduate students


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