Raquel Pea

Raquel Pea

Oakland, CA, US



Highly influenced by our universe, our anatomy, and the cultures of planet Earth, I am a first year architecture student with a synthesizing mind capable of beautiful and captivating creations.

I am self-motivated, love to learn, and invest myself fully into every project I tackle. Now, I am working on expanding my skillset to include tools such as SketchUp, Cadd, Revit, and Rhino. I am also nurturing my talents in sketching, delineation and rendering, as well as home renovation.

On my time apart from designing and learning, I enjoy dancing, burrowing into a good science-fiction book, eating delicious food, or taking a hike with my lovely dog Lucca!

Please, take a look at my portfolio. It is under development, but I figure that the process is the best thing I can share with you - the evolution of myself!

Singing out - 
Raquel Pea


California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA, US, Pre-College Architecture

Jun 2012 - Jul 2012


BCS Jog-A-Thon Design Winner, 2011, 1st Place


Areas of Specialization