Rachel Rogers

Rachel Rogers

Ann Arbor, MI, US



Currently, I am involved with marketing and small design projects at a firm called Dangerous Architects. I am seeking an intermediate position involving architectural design.


The ability to see the built world as it was in the past, how it operates in the present and what it could be in the future I find paramount to the quality of human and non-human life. When working with those involved with design and planning I feel so positively about attempting to alter the world to make it better or different. Enthusiasm through experimenting with personal ideas tweaked and morphed by creative people drives me to pursue a career in design.


Dangerous Architects PC, Chelsea, MI, US, Marketing/Promotional Manager

This job has given me experience with site measurement, using CAD to alter and create drawings, project walk-throughs and project submittals. I’ve also gained experience with marketing, writing letters of interest to target markets, and creating graphic design projects for promotion.

Nov 2012 - current


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US, BArch, Architecture

Through Architectural Design courses, I have come to appreciate architecture as an avenue to solve problems. Design challenges can be approached through identifying the issues and utilizing the appropriate skills with the goal of impacting psychological outcomes through altering a physical environment. Structural and Construction Courses have taught me ecological methods and integration of building materials, to seek out creative ways of composing a structure through walls, frames, and envelope. Through these courses I was exposed to codes and drawing methods required in the construction process.

Aug 2008 - May 2010

Areas of Specialization