Rand Lemley

Rand Lemley

Boston, MA, US

Final 3x3 grid of drawings and models.
Final 3x3 grid of drawings and models.

Wilderness Urbanisms

This experimental design studio explored urban, house, and detail scales. For my project, I imagined a pair of asteroids attracted to another by strange energy. This energy slowly rips apart the organized city on one asteroid, creating a vortex of detritus between the two masses. Fortunate few survive the journey and settle on the adjacent asteroid, flung far from the vortex to cobble together a new life.

Our heroine has been catapulted into this fury and been slammed into the adjacent asteroid's surface. From this chaotic life event, she haphazardly lassos rocks and debris floating by, anchoring them to her home. She weaves nets to use as rigging to traverse the space between these masses. A jury-rigged screen is hammered into the rock to protect the interior from the passing debris. Once she has roughly prepared three outbuildings for the necessary activities of life - work, eat, sleep - our heroine begins to make her old home into a refuge, a library of escape from the chaos beyond. In this refuge she carefully crafts a second screen, this one made of jewels hewn from the surrounding rock surface. This screen is strung inside the shoddily woven screen from before, providing a sense of civility in an otherwise hectic environ.

Final animation -

Refuge animation -

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Status: School Project
Additional Credits: David Turturo, Cynthia Dorta - Studio Instructors