Rana Al Rawi

Rana Al Rawi

Marietta, GA, US



Second Place winner - Thesis focuses on redesigning the school environments in Iraq while being spatially integrated with the community | Spring 2018

By examining the most common Schools typologies in the city of Baghdad, two major typologies are commonly used: one that reflects the old style buildings and still widely used today as the U-shape or the inclusion of a courtyard; and the second style, represents a more modern trend, this being a closed school. However, none of those typologies seemed to evolve much over the past century. Therefore, this thesis is an exploration to conceptualize places for education as learning environments that are not limited by a rectangular building and the traditional classrooms in Iraq. To create an architectural prototype that can be adapted to other Iraqi contexts; a design of which the students and the Iraqi communities can be proud of. 

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Status: Competition Entry