Christopher Rallo

Christopher Rallo

Los Angeles, CA, US


Architectural Competition : Arquitectum Vertical Zoo in Puerto Madero

This design integrates the experience of a wildlife safari with that of a classic zoo, as a means of generating an iconic skyFARI in Buenos Aires. The deployment of a vertical conveyor system within the zoo, merges a visitor’s journey through a series of habitats (safari) with the ability to selectively encounter individual species (zoo). This open circulation system is connected to a series of walkways, which generates a continuous loop of pedestrian movement throughout the zoo. The operative realization of the tower utilizes an inverted zoo logic, where the constructed habitats are treated as the organic elements and the space between those habitats adopt an inorganic form and texture. Contrary to the typical zoo where man-made cages are inserted into an existing or constructed wilderness.  The design of the habitats utilize an informed parametric growth model considering typical climatic and spatial characteristics of the animal species.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Puerto Madero, AR