Rafal Wasek

Rafal Wasek

Auckland, NZ


Devon Ore - Family House

Brief:  A family wanted to build a sustainable house for two young children and their parents at a plot of land in Devon (United Kingdom). It needed to incorporate:

  • the father's love of music
  • the mother's alternative therapy practice
  • a playground
  • a playroom for rainy days
  • a study/office
  • a spare bedroom with en-suite

Concept: A sustainable and multi-level family house. The house adopts a zoning envelope in its form which allows exploration of different views of the landscape. The 'floating' rooms vary in their height and level which increases the number of intersections and allows the family to enjoy the charms of the surrounding scenery. The facade is natural stone made out of two contrasting patinas, giving the impression the house is part of the landscape.   

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Status: School Project
Location: Devon, United Kingdom