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A' Design Awards Announces Winners for 2019-2020

By thequadstudio
Jul 28, '20 4:29 AM EST

Published on Archdaily -- 

Everyone likes to win. And if design is your passion, what could be better than winning a design award? Out of the multitude of design competitions in the world, the international A' Design Award is the largest, and now they've announced their winners of the 2019-2020 competition. Winners of this prestigious award must impress a jury panel of experts - 170+ press members, academics, and design professionals - in order to receive the A' Design Prize. In addition to the prestige, recognition, and international publicity, laureates are presented with a trophy, annual yearbook, certificate, invitation to the gala night, inclusion in the winners' exhibit, and more.

Part of what makes the A' Design Award notable is its diversity of categories; over 100 different award categories that focus on innovation, technology, design, and creativity are awarded. From these categories, those relating to the built environment include Architecture, Building and Structure Design; Interior Space and Exhibition Design; Landscape Planning and Garden Design; and more. Continue reading for a selection of this year's winning designs!

Megalopolis X Shenzhen Super Headquarter / QUAD Studio

Gold A' Design Award in Futuristic Design 2020

This concept imagines the future of Shenzhen and Hong Kong as a single megalopolis in the year 2047. Spanning 120 hectares, this framework for a city of the future includes a diversified Eco Belt to go along with the mega-towers dominating the skyline, incorporating as much public space above ground as possible.

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