Pritchard Stalkins, FUFEE

Pritchard Stalkins, FUFEE

Oregon Trail Mobile Home Park, AZ, US



I am an Edifice Envisioner in Oregon Trail Mobile Home Park, which is zoned D-5 so I am permitted by statute to run a business in 12.5% of my kitchen and an up to one half-time employee except on Sundays.


I envision Single Family Residences, Two Family Residences, Three Family Residences, and Five Family Residences.  I also envision agricultural, correctional, and aviation facilities and any other manmade eruptions in any state that don't substrict the practice of likewise professions.


Pritchard Stalkins, Edifice Envisioner, Owner and Executive Envisioner

Feb 1986 - current


Catawba Valley Community College, Associates in History of Personal Enrichment

A.S. degree was earned in less than 12 years of studies including Theories of Distance Learning, Observing Apiary Scientists, and Applied Hardware Arts encompassing 4 semesters of Advanced Deck Screw Methods, and like such as.

Jan 1997 - Mar 2008


Honoria D. Plankton Award for Distinction in Fuliginous Scholarship, 3rd Place


Areas of Specialization