Berlin, DE



The conceptual origin of this project lies in the engagement with writings about the "rhizome" as a system. When a patchwork family wants to extend an existing house, the permanent physical re-organization of the family as an expression of living together was the starting point to conceptualize the house as an adaptive configuration system. The formal approach was to clearly address the contrast between the existing house and the extension. "Plateaus" served as a guiding principle for the design of the extension, which uses zoning via changes in the height of the floor, and only works with partition walls where necessary. The staircase in the existing building serves as a "connector" that can variably connect or separate a total of 3 units. Thus, the house can be configured as one large unit, or as 2 units with different sizes. (A+B+C or A+B & C or A & B+C).

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Status: Built
Firm Role: complete design, planning and supervision services
Additional Credits: structural engineering:
imagine structure GmbH, Frankfurt am Main