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John Portman & Associates Announces Succession Plan

Courtney Lukitsch
Feb 13, '19 9:54 AM EST

Today John Portman & Associates announces a new leadership team for the globally prominent architectural firm, with offices located in Atlanta and Shanghai.

The founder of the firm, John C. Portman Jr., recognized the need for a smooth transition plan at the visionary office that he created in 1953.

Six years ago, in anticipation of this succession, he selected the top talent in the
office to become partners in the firm.

Under the leadership of Jack Portman, Chairman and CEO, key individuals have executed projects over the past several years and continue the primary mission of the office, with a keen focus on the design and construction of architecture to enhance people’s life.

Today, with the January 2019 passing of President Grace Tan, the office transitions to the next level, recognizing these talented professionals within the firm.

John Portman & Associates appoints Rob Halverson as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, responsible for overall office coordination and management, in collaboration with John Nipaver, Greg Botsch and Hong Wan, USA Director of Operations China, who will primarily focus on projects in Asia.

A collaborative design process is promoted by the firm, lead by Gordon Beckman, Pierluca Maffey, Walter Miller, Walt Jackson and Lell Barnes. Each professional is characterized by their unique design strength to better serve the firm’s clients across the globe.

The technical quality of each project is overseen by Greg Botsch, John Nipaver and Norris Hunt. The combined experience among them is an incredible resource to the firm and to their many top tier clients striving to achieve the highest standards for their projects.

The partnership is committed to continue the legacy of John Portman, leading the firm into the future; designing places that engage and inspire people, to create an experience that is both impactful and memorable.