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Leading Singapore-based sustainable design firm Pomeroy Studio transforms site of renowned Swedish Candy Factory into innovative sustainable housing and mixed use development

By Pomeroy Studio
Jan 22, '20 5:16 AM EST
Artist Impression of the Candy Factory mixed use development (Credit: Pomeroy Studio)
Artist Impression of the Candy Factory mixed use development (Credit: Pomeroy Studio)

The landmark project sets a new benchmark in climate-responsive green living whilst paying homage to the heritage of the birthplace of the Läkerol candy pastille.

SINGAPORE, 15th October 2019 – A former factory and site in Gävle, Sweden, known for producing the legendary Swedish candy Läkerol, is set to be transformed into an innovative eco-centric housing and mixed use development by award-winning urbanism, architecture, design and research firm – Pomeroy Studio. The designers and thought leaders of sustainable built environments were appointed by AB Gavlegårdarna, one of the largest and oldest public housing companies in Sweden, to create a climatically responsive design that sets a new benchmark for affordable green multi-generational living.

The landmark project explores the use of renewable energy technologies, and demonstrates the important role wintergardens, skycourts and skygardens play in creating more pleasurable green living environments for residents to enjoy all-year round. The inclusion of vertical vegetable farming through the atrium spaces and skygardens further allow for farm-to-table community engagement projects within the building precincts. In addition, the 7 and 15 storey buildings will serve as the gateway to the Läkerol Candy Factory development – a vibrant mixed use hub of artisanal food and beverage facilities, commercial offices and hotel that will see the sensitive restoration and redevelopment of the existing brick buildings to preserve its profound heritage. 

Explaining why such an approach to the development was so important, Prof. Jason Pomeroy, founding principal of Pomeroy Studio said, "With a burgeoning local population, we are addressing the need for affordable homes that are flexible and adaptable to the changing attitudes of singles, young professional couples, families, and retirees. This green multi-generational living development will not only be socially-inclusive and affordable but also environmentally resilient. In a digital age where the inclination is to retreat into a virtual world, we are incorporating recreational amenities through vertical social spaces that seek to enhance the health and well-being of the residents through the embrace of the great outdoors. The development will also play a significant role in telling the story of the Candy Factory's past to educate present and future generations of Gävle’s rich heritage."

One of the key innovations is the incorporation of wintergardens, skycourts and skygardens – a subject matter for which Prof. Pomeroy is a world renowned authority. Each residential apartment is assigned a wintergarden that serves as a habitable sun-catching living space during the winter time but can be converted into a private summer verandah to appreciate the long, warm, summer days. Autumn and spring see the wintergardens transformed into interior or exterior spaces depending on the preferences of the residents. The flexibility of the wintergardens thus provides greater opportunities for connecting residents with the external environment. Skycourts and skygardens that take place at different levels include a sauna, recreational and entertainment rooms that provide a heightened means of community engagement. 

Artist Impression of the 15 storey tower skygarden (Credit: Pomeroy Studio)

Gavlegårdarna are the primary provider of housing for the city of Gävle and will play a significant role in the collective redevelopment of the Candy Factory. Cathrine Holgersson, CEO, is confident that the new development will make a positive impact to the iconic industrial area and said, "The aim is to turn Godisfabriken into a new city district that will preserve its historic origins and embrace sustainability from three perspectives – social, economic and ecological. In cooperation with five other construction companies, this area will not only comprise 750 housing units, but will also include commercial activities, innovative environmental solutions and flexible housing that will facilitate round-the-clock sustainable living."

Artist Impression of the balconies with wintergardens (Credit: Pomeroy Studio)

An interdisciplinary approach saw the Singapore-based international studio work with a Swedish team of architects, engineers and designers on the ground-breaking project.  The collaboration between Pomeroy Studio, Arkitektgruppen i Gävle AB, Sweco System AB, Kjell Westberg Ingenjörsbyrå and Briab provided a unique opportunity to fuse green architecture and sustainable innovations with the needs of the local community and Municipality. Frequent workshops and early engagement with the authorities yielded positive results to create the pioneering end result which is the development at Candy Factory.

Helena Tallius Myhrman, City Architect said, "It is both refreshing and inspiring to see the product of this international collaboration, especially as Läkerol is a renowned Swedish brand that is being thoughtfully preserved, similar to the buildings within the development. At the same time, we want to ensure the development meets the needs of the community in the contemporary era in an environmentally conscientious way." Pomeroy added, "We are proud to work on this visionary project with Gavlegårdarna and hope the development will serve as a precedent for conservation projects that conjoins green living and contemporary needs.”

Construction for the project will kick off in 2020. 

Candy Factory 7-storey building fronting onto the main pedestrian boulevard

Candy Factory aerial view of central solar atrium and bee garden

Candy Factory 15-storey building overlooking the public square

Design Team

Prof. Jason Pomeroy (Principal and Director‐in‐Charge), Yoshi Shimada (Technical Director), Nelly Paccagnini (Associate and Project Co‐ordinator), Md Zahidul Islam Abdul Wahab (Senior Manager), Richard Amburgo (Senior Landscape Designer), Nicco Homaili (Architectural Designer)

For more information, please contact: Ms Chloe Li by phone +65 6592 6827 or email: [email protected]

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About Pomeroy Studio

Pomeroy Studio are an award-winning international team of designers and thought leaders of sustainable built environments. The studio is comprised of master planners, landscape architects, architects, interior and graphic designers and sustainability consultants. Quantitative and qualitative research complements an interdisciplinary design process that lies at the foundation of their creative design and decision-making. Projects are undertaken in the sectors of Residential, Workplace, Retail and Mixed Use, Hospitality and Leisure, Light Industrial, Culture and Conservation. Designs are rigorously tested to objectively reduce the reliance on natural resources, to preserve the natural and built environment. This has generated people-centred places, from the macro-scale of cities to the micro-scale of buildings that pushes the envelope of design and balances a ‘creative vigour with an academic rigour’.

About AB Gavlegårdarna

Gavlegårdarna has a long history as a public housing company. For over 100 years the company has contributed to making the people of Gävle feel at home in their apartments, their neighbourhoods and in the city. Today the company does not only offer rental housing to every third person in Gävle, it also provides green outdoor areas that encourage the community spirit as well as places where people can meet. Gavlegårdarna has invested in many aspects of the city including safe and pleasant city districts and through its extensive work with social responsibility, has also developed a wide range of co-operations with associations and companies who in turn initiate activities for all tenants.