Aleksandra Polanska

Aleksandra Polanska

Gdansk, PL


Plant it green!

Eating sandwiches with Your own planted
fresh tomatoes and lettuce?
So healthy, and fresh..
At water?

Urban agriculture is very timely in the
current economic crisis and with
young people interest in living more
sustainable lifestyle. The project of
“floating allotments” plants with vegetables
canals of industrial shipyard.
Attract people to spend free time outside
and offering them water front.
The floating gardens pavilion with basic
infrastructure lets communities
taking part at gardening and cooking
workshops. Inhabitants from nearby
districts can buy fruits at farmers markets
or try healthy snacks.
Floating allotments form a new park at
build district Young City. The new
green public space evolve people to create
it, to make it their relaxing

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Status: School Project
Location: Gdansk, PL
My Role: Myself project