Brussels, BE

photographer: Studio Claerhout
photographer: Studio Claerhout

Serviceflats de Hertogloges

This winning entry for a design competition to build senior housing on the Hertog Jan site in Lommel is part of an ambitious redevelopment of the city center of Lommel. Local policy makers aim at establishing a strong architectural identity and urbanistic quality. The project timeline is extremely condensed because of a novel collaboration procedure between investor, contractor and plusofficearchitects, starting as early as design development phase.

The senior housing project is an important link in the completion of the public square, which translates in explicit volumetric proportions and facade design. Each unit has an outdoor loggia linked to the square, creating a vivid vertical street life for the new town square.

The interior garden gives access to each of the outdoor galleries with individual balconies, planters and seating areas, gently instigating a certain level of social contact amongst inhabitants. In addition to the life-long dwelling principles for elderly applied to each unit, the project also provides a community coffee house, hair salon, laundromat, social workers and sky garden.

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Status: Built
Location: Lommel, BE
My Role: architects
Additional Credits: STUBECO stabiliteit