Joseph Piorkowski

Joseph Piorkowski

Brooklyn, NY, US


UltraViolet - Socrates Sculpture Park Folly 2015

This was my entry for the annual Folly at Socrates Sculpture Park. 

Touching the earth lightly, a lá Glenn Murcutt, UltraViolet is a parametric structure constructed in tension with fiberglass rope. The rope is then saturated and cured with UV resin, freed from its jig, and left freestanding.

Formally, it evokes images of a lobster trap, a summer igloo, a light bulb, a half-sunken Venini vase, a spatial doily, a sun-made dream cathcer, a Japanese glass float washed ashore, or a glorified suburban garden trellis.

UltraViolet is at once a structural armature indicative of architecture, yet a specteral sculpture. It’s a drawing of space, a profile of shape, a vessel of many partials, an orb on the landscape, and an artifact to be explored.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Queens, NY
My Role: Designer