Scott Francisco

Scott Francisco




I am a designer, builder, strategy consultant and educator with a focus on practical solutions to complex problems in physical space and culture. I work with systems, organizations and physical infrastructures. I believe that 'design', 'strategy' and 'leadership' are terms that should describe a unity of intention and impact. What connects them, ideally, is craftsmanship.

The challenges we face today in society and the environment are real and they are growing rapidly. I hope to be of service to people and organizations of goodwill in creating real solutions.

My professional experience includes:

Architecture: building design, programming and construction, including structural design, materials science, construction management, building systems, and interior, furniture and product design.

Education: Teaching and curriculum development in professional architecture, design and research programs.

Organizational development: culture, systems and space: Helping organizations balance 'stability' and 'change' to achieve desired outcomes.

Facilitation: visioning and visualization: leading collaborative workshops, creating new communication tools and graphically representing complex problems and systems.

Writing, research and teaching in the field of architecture, design, culture and innovation.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, US, master of science in architecture studies

Research on 'culture' and 'infrastructure' in design disciplines and discourse. Several full scale construction projects built in the school during studies.

Sep 2003 - May 2005

University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, CA, BArch, Architecture

Sep 1989 - May 1996

Areas of Specialization