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pietro canova

Padova, IT

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I am an Italian graduate in Building Engineering and Architecture and, after spending some time studying abroad, I worked as Architect for different international firms in China and Italy.

My various working experiences, in the particular the last one as Project Architect, made me develop not only my technical skills but also the social ones thanks to the different opportunities that I have got during my career. Indeed, I could deal directly with private clients and public administrations, with local design institutes and disparate contractors, performing in first person the project reports and taking part to the more technical meeting. In this way I reached the building site stage with four different projects managed directly by myself during the last year.

I am an organized but open-minded person, with a strong sense of personal responsibility and teamwork, characteristics that I developed since my first working experiences as rugby coach during the university years, until the most recent ones as architect and project manager. I traveled a lot, for business and to satisfy my curiosity towards different cultures, and I am willing to move, relocate and challenge myself with new experiences. 



PLT, Guangzhou, CN, Projrct architect

Main projects:
- Mixed use residential development - Yinchuan (China)
- Shangri-la Winery and resort - Deqen, Tibet (China)
- Winery extension - Yinchuan (China)
- Great wall memorial - Guyuan (China)
- Project manager for teams up to seven people
- Project report to either clients and local government
- Coordinator of exterior consultants and firms
- Digital modeler and CGI visualizer
- Detail design and construction drawing drafter

Aug 2018 - Oct 2019

RBA, Guangzhou, CN, Architect

Main projects:
- Jesolo Cavalieri Hotel - Venice (Italy)
- Flower park visitor center and diffuse hotel - Yinchuan (China)
- Project manager for teams up to four people
- Project report to different clients
- Coordinator of exterior consultants and firms
- Digital modeler and CGI visualizer
- Detail design and construction drawing drafter

Mar 2017 - Nov 2017

LVL, Padova, Architectural intern

Main projects:
- Institute of biomedical research - Bellinzona (Switzerland)
- Carducci and Marson apartment building - Venice (Italy)
- Cad drafting of drawings and details
- Preparation of the material necessary for the client reports
- On site project supervision
- Independent development for specific projects

Oct 2016 - Mar 2017

RBA, Guangzhou, CN, Architectural intern

Main projects:
- Zhuahi Convention and Exhibition Center - Zhuhai (China)
- Guangzhou Opera house Interior deign - Guangzhou (China)
- Assist to the project reports
- Develop projects form the concept
- Digital modelling, cad drafting and prepare the report presentations

Apr 2016 - Mar 2017


Università degli Studi di Padova, Masters, Building Engineering and Architecture

Five-year master degree in Building and Architectural Engineering: the program analyses building design and construction through both architectural and engineering lenses and the acquisition of specialist engineering skills.

Exams finished in time in July 2016 and graduation took on 07th July 2017 with a degree grade of 110/110.

Oct 2011 - Jul 2017

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