Pier Alessio Rizzardi

Pier Alessio Rizzardi

Milan, IT



Pier Alessio Rizzardi studied architecture in Polytechnic University of Milan and at Architecture and Urbanism College of University of São Paulo and obtained Master’s Degree at Polytechnic University of Milan.

Since 2007 he’s been working in London, Beijing, Shanghai, Melbourne, São Paulo, Bangkok and Milan. In 2011 he started a 5-year research culminated in the book The Condition of Chinese Architecture, interviewing the architects of the New Chinese Generation (Chang Yong Ho, Liu Jiakun, Ma Yansong, Liu Xiaodu, Qi Xin, Chen Yifeng, Rocco Yim, Li Xiaodong, Li Hu, Zhang Lei, Zhang Bin, Zhu Pei, Xu Tiantian, Liu Yuyang and Lu Wenyu.) Working together with Li Xiangning, Charlie Xue, Rory Stott and Harry den Hartog, they created a ground breaking report of the architecture of the last decade in China.

Since 2012 Rizzardi has been teaching at Polytechnic University of Milan with Professor Remo Dorigati about the City Foundations and The post-use of EXPO Milan 2015. From 2012 to 2015 Pier Alessio was co-author with Joseph di Pasquale of the column of the Architectural Investigation of l’ARCA International Magazine, periodical research on the built contemporary debate.

Since 2013 he was first correspondent from Beijing of STUDIO Architecture and Urbanism Magazine, becoming later on co-editor of the magazine with Romolo Calabrese, Alessandro Colombo and Zeno Piccoli.

In 2017 he create the series of interviews "Innovation" published by Domus. He curated a series of conferences “The Condition of Architecture” in Polytechnic of Milan University, enquiring the effects of the cultural, economic and political situation affecting the contemporary architectural practice.

In 2014 Pier Alessio Rizzardi participated in the 14th Venice Biennale, for the Absorbing Modernity exhibition where the research The Condition of Chinese Architecture was displayed. In that occasion, together with the Taiwanese architect Hsieh Ying Chun from WEAK! Architects, he created the Parasite Pavilion in Giardini delle Vergini Arsenale, “[…] an experimentation that goes beyond traditional architectural form and composition to foresee fundamental aspects for Chinese architectural space”.

He curated and organised international architectural workshops: Bug Dome workshop with Hsieh Ying Chun from WEAK! Architects and curator Jiang Jun; Workshop “Ephemeral” in the AADK’s Blanca Back to Live! exploring the essential qualities of the space: Physical, Visual and Memory connections applied to the surrounding context of Peña Negra, Spain. From 2014 he presented in: “City Portrait: Astana” at Kazakistan pavilion at EXPO 2015, Clip Stamp Upload: Italian Independent Magazine at Museo Sant Agostino, Genova; The Future of The Museum in China” in Beijing at STUDIO X in collaboration with Columbia University.

Together with Tim Makower and MME Ministry of the Municipality and Environment of Qatar, he is currently creating the Qatar Urban Design Compendium, a report of the actual state of architecture in Doha and the creation of urban planning guidelines for the future development for 2022 FIFA World Cup.


TCA Think Tank, Founder

Oct 2011 - current


Politecnico di Milano, Milano, IT, MArch, Architecture

Feb 2009 - Dec 2012

Politecnico di Milano, Milano, IT, BArch, Architettura e Società

Sep 2004 - Sep 2008

University of São Paulo (USP), São Paulo, BR, BArch, Exchange program

Feb 2007 - Mar 2008