Fred Scharmen

Fred Scharmen

Baltimore, MD, US

Fred Scharmen recently worked on...

...we have confirmed the existence of the Syd Mead Stanford Torus.

Mar 1 '12

...designing the 21st Century Ranch House.

Nov 23 '11

...course planning

Aug 18 '11

...that thing where you have a big meeting early, and then don't feel like doing anything the rest of the day

Jun 23 '11

...not drawing hobbit houses

Jun 20 '11

...pull the pin, drop it in, let it wash away now ...

May 29 '11

...pricing cisterns and scheduling rainwater audit appointments.

May 26 '11

...op-ed sent.

May 26 '11

...oh, you've got blue eyes, oh you've got green eyes, oh you've got grey eyes.

May 11 '11

...designing a dog house.

May 10 '11

...Hello, world.

Apr 13 '11