Donna Sink

Donna Sink

Indianapolis, IN, US

Donna Sink recently worked on...


Aug 4 '11

...Tweaking a rendering for publication in local newspaper. Both exciting & one more thing to do...

Jul 13 '11

...Working out pavilion location relative to flood plain for a super, SUPER cool project for which I'm serving as Architect of Record. Image when I get permission.

Apr 27 '11

...Adamantly anti-skeuomorph, and you should be too.

Apr 25 '11

...Just realized v3.0 goes live on my birthday. What a wonderful birthday gift!

Apr 10 '11

...The work update text box engages immediately on the iPad!

Apr 7 '11

...Playing with v3.0 on the iPad for awhile. So far so good!

Apr 7 '11

...Turning a builder's 1/8" single line on graph paper plans into elevations...until I got distracted by v3.0, that is!

Apr 5 '11