Raul Peña Arias

Raul Peña Arias

México Distrito Federal, MX


Fernandez Leal 62


The house is located in La Conchita neighborhood in the traditional district of Coyoacán. Basically, the house has been resolved in a T scheme; the basement and three levels belong to the main body and a double height glazed space to an appendix.

This four bedroom house program has got a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a half bath and two open studios. In addition, the house has a guest room with its own bathroom located in the basement and a service area with bedroom and bathroom, laundry room, machine room in the third floor, 2 staircases connect every space. All developed in a total area of ​​490 sqm.

The land where the house is placed has a lot area of ​​488 sqm and 1.5 sqm lower lever down the street.

All the structure has been solved with I steel beams. They create a set of rigid frames and turn almost all the walls as divisors, except those of white concrete in the garden floor level.

All exterior walls are white concrete. It is important to note that these side walls are attached to the metal frame, allowing depth and provide rigidity.

The structure of the double height room is supported by circular section columns creating a trapezoidal prism. The access to the mezzanine is by a wooden and steel staircase and a metal and timber bridge that connect both spaces. The windows have been fixed with a vertical pattern of asymmetric angles (6 "x 4") providing verticality to the house. Both the dining room and the kitchen have one height and a half level because of its position beside the garden.

To provide balance to the white concrete, floors on the ground facing the garden were designed in black matte slate.

To balance out the coldness of the steel in matt black, the division screens and the mezzanine floor are made of natural pine wood unvarnished. Except for some slabs that have been left in white concrete, there are some covered with white plaster ceiling for recessed led luminaries.

Another difference in the concrete walls is that unlike the interior the facade was finished with shuttering hardwood board to match the textures of the timber screens.

Finally the house is intended to be raw but no so stern to live in.

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Status: Built
Location: Mexico, MX
Additional Credits: Project Team: Leticia Crispín Acuña, Raúl Peña Arias
Photography: Alberto Moreno Guzmán, Raúl Peña Arias
Structural Engineer: Vicente Robles Jara