Siddhi Mehta

Siddhi Mehta

New York, NY, US


Plastic and Elastic- A non-collective museum

With permanent exhibitions as a part of the being the urban connector gives the opportunity for the people of Istanbul to go through the museum and engage with art in different ways along the ever changing journey. The temporary exhibitions in the branched out spaces are tied together with a circulation route to go each of the galleries and the neighborhood behind. A library takes the back of the urban wall with being a part of the community with separate entrances to give opportunity to the people to engage with art. It offers visual connections to the  museum and will help enagage the people in events that occur city and global wide. Galleries, circulation space, entrance lobby, and public space, café, library, performance space, open air theatre, lecture halls, conference spaces, bookstore.

Exhibition Spaces: Intimate and expansive exhibition spaces with different wall ceiling and floor height conditions. Quality of space change due to different light conditions. Different ways art can be displayed. visual 
connection to the outside of the museum.  Diagram showing public and private on the top and bottom floor with exhibition spaces in the middle.

Circulation: The ground floor has an open public plaza which acts like the pulling point for the vertical circulation. The design proposal looks at the Public Street and art spaces woven together. With permanent exhibitions being for the Public and the private and temporary for the private. The shredded double spiral allows multiple kinds of exchanges and experiences shared along the journey. It created nodes and points of branching and merging of the public and the private circulation. Points of separation and connection.

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Status: School Project