Jamie Heras (Woods)

Jamie Heras (Woods)

Bronx, NY, US


Transition Hotel & Suites

In a group, design the lobby, reception, and signature bar of a new, luxury hotel in Singapore. Individually, design the luxury suites of the same hotel.

Our group took a sophisticated approach to the design. We used curtains, from the inspiration of Singapore boat sails and used the fabric in many ways throughout the design. The design had many sustainable features, mainly using indigenous materials and local furniture designers.

The luxury suites have a water inspiration and bring in a lot of natural light through upper windows and other walls because of Singapore's rainy weather. Many indigenous materials are also used to enforce the original design effort from the main public areas.

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Status: School Project
Location: Sentosa Island, Singapore
My Role: Lobby and suite designer, drafter, renderer,
Additional Credits: Maiata Borremeo, Tessa Garcia (Classmates)