Farshad Mehdizadeh

Farshad Mehdizadeh

Tehran, IR


Circle Snack Bar

Isfahan is city in which people enjoy walking in urban spaces and this has much to do with Charbagh Street. The body of the street on both sides is fully recognizable by passengers travelling in low speed (walking) but in high speed (in car) the body loses its essence. The purpose of this project is to create a moment of pause in modern body of the city.


This project is about designing a fast food store in a 7 meter square area besides a historical element in place that used to be Hezarjerib gardens but now is a modern and attractive place in the city.  

Since the area for the store is considerably limited, we decided to design the store in a way that the inside space was allocated to the kitchen while dining area and lobby was placed outside the store. This form is somehow a challenge between public space and a private space; because part of the sidewalk is practically part of the store in one hand, and pedestrians would consider the store as a part of public space on the other hand. These two modes of ownership would be interchanged during days and nights.

The main idea of this project is substantiated via a surface which is potentially capable of interaction with people. This surface is folded so that different functions on it, is differentiated and defined. This separation between public and private spaces is only made through defined lines but the separation of functions in urban space is not clearly determined. The interaction of public and private spaces are provided by tracks made on the surface (e.g. the reception window)

The texture of this surface should be designed in way that concentrating on the energy of surface and alongside with folds, can fully express the form.


Texture & Material

Material plays a critical role in this project because it should have capability to be installed and utilized both vertically and horizontally as walkway, façade and ceiling. Also it should be able to install on the folded surfaces to show the continuity of the surface which connects walkway to the façade. So travertine stone was chosen to cover the surface in different width and colors with no limit in length which divided to the small length for installing on the folded area. The thin ribbons of travertine help people to follow movement of the surface visually.

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Status: Built
Location: Isfahan, IR