Jaime Vickrey

Jaime Vickrey

Manhattan, KS, US

Site Section and Master Plan

Green Roof Playground

Building Bridges Outdoor Discovery was a pro bono design-build project completed during a summer internship at Golden Associates Landscape Architects. Conceptual design, dimensioning, sensory planting, irrigation, details, plan and cost estimate were included in the two-week design process. The 2,315 square foot courtyard atop Building Bridges Child Development Center was designed based on an environmental education program for infants and toddlers. Estimated construction and material cost is $35,000.

Visually representing the lifecycle of a butterfly, the space offers developmentally appropriate activity zones and features that can be implemented through phasing that allows the space to fully function at all stages of construction. Features include designated learning and play zones, art tiled and tree stump seating, bamboo playhouse, trike path, turf knoll, embankment slide, planter boxes and a sandbox water trough.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Oakland, California