Santiago Cortes

Santiago Cortes

New York, NY, US


Music Museum

Site Documentation: To develop drawings documenting existing conditions that serve as a basis for
contextual analysis and architectural design work

Site Analysis: To develop a clear understanding of contextual forces in society and within the
built environment that inform architectural and urban design strategies.

Field Study
Visit Site and document site-specific information. Your field study should extend beyond the greater neighborhood
Using a camera, measured sketches, mapped documentation, and other devices--record what you see.

Produce analytical site mappings/diagrams.
Your documentation may include various themes, depending on your area of focus, including
Figure ground
Demographics, density
Neighborhood context- commercial, residential etc
Open Space – solid/ void green space
Accessibility, site lines, places of egress/entry,
Circulation-transportation, subway locations, movement and flows of the site, paths
Lighting conditions, shadows
Urban Walls / Views /Materials

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Status: School Project
Location: Brooklyn NY