Indriany Lionggo

Indriany Lionggo

Rotterdam, NL


Urban Thika

The proposal envisions the Thika site to be a green, well-connected, financial and commercial hub that complements the main CBD and strengthens local economic development; providing diverse opportunities for businesses; supplies housing for all social classes; and appealing public spaces for social cohesion. Essentially, the proposal focuses on three aspects of daily life: working, living and playing, and takes these into consideration by developing different components for compact urban structures, resulting in an attractive and compact CBD, with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure for mixed use spaces that aim to attract investments. Essentially, it is an acupunctural intervention approach, where it discusses diversity, has a sense of scale, and promotes connectivity to existing urban fabric.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Nairobi, KE
My Role: Project designing and presentation
Additional Credits: Kelly Arendse, Uncreen Qayyum, Lynda Bitrus, Oleksandra Tkachenko, Diego GIron, Maria Isabel, Juliana Giraldo, Millicent Wawira, Akpobe Ambrose, Josephine Omwanda