robert Mcclendon

robert Mcclendon

Seattle, WA, US


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Robert McClendon
362 Wyatt Way NE.
Bainbridge Island WA. 98110
206 842 7373 (h)
206 374 8593 (c)


Professional Employment History


2011-Present  MZECH International NY,NY, Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Cutter, Syria, Beijing
   International Architectural and Engineering Company
Director of Design, The Senior Designer for company at large.  Internationally 6 offices, 600 employees.  Manage and direct as well as lead the design work in the office.  Participate in the general planning and management of the firm.  Lead the expansion of the hospitality and mixed-use markets. Manage 35 direct staff and over view 100. Established the international design process and standards.
Key projects experiences
Three, 5 star hotels & destination resorts.  Average rooms 300 urban hotels and destination resorts.  All developments included retail entrainment and convention centers. Four, 4 star hotel 300 rooms received 2 industry design awards, Hoteliers World Wide
Mixed Use
      Three residential, office and retail developments, average size 600,000 sf. Three new residential communities 1,400 to 18,000 residences.
Regional Mall of Egypt, 2,000,000 sf or regional center--retail, theaters, residences and office, Movie Center retail, theater and offices 700,000 sf.  Four Auto Display Centers, ave size 250,000 sf.   Cairo Center residential, office and retail 1,500,000 sf.  A variety of inline retail shops
Three new communities with support facilities and recreation areas such as schools, fire departments, police, libraries, convention centers.  Average population 5,000 to 18,000.  Single family, town hoses and apartments, low density. 

Alexandra Cultural Library & Museum.  A 3000,00 sm. Museum, Library and Office, with public plazas and gardens to celebrate the history of the City and the country in general.. Received 2 design awards.
Planning Urban Design
Master planning and urban design for three new towns in Saudi Arabia ave size 2,000,000 sm. New town in Cairo, size 7,000,000 population, recreation, retail, residential mid and low rise, offices and entrainment.   Received International design award.  New town in India Bangalore, 40,000 resident’s, provided master plan, urban design and architectural design management.  Received environmental and Urban Planning Design Award.


2006-2011  Otak International Seattle, Kirkland, Portland, Phoenix, Denver, Portland, Abu Dhabi,
   International Architecture and Engineering Company
Director of Design USA and UAE.  Senior Designer and Project Leader, Started the company in the UAE with 2 people and built up the company to 100 in 24 months.  In the USA developed and lead design created 800,000.00 in construction dollars in 12 months.  Developed and expanded the Hotel, Mixed Use and Elderly Care markets for the company. Hands on direct design development concept development for all project, lead all client communications and contract agreements.  Received 2 design international awards.
Key projects experiences
Mixed Use
Four, mixed use projects with 3 to 4 story bases and towers of office, hotel and residential of 15 to 35 stories. 
Five, 5 Star Hotels for Fairmont, Four Seasons, W, Andrea and JW Marriott  Grand, Four 4 Star Hotels Marriott, average size 325 to 600 rooms. Received 3 International Design Awards.
Residential Mixed Use
Eight, High Rise towers projects with retail and office set in recreational areas. 200 to 600 units, 14 to 35 stories,
Planning Urban Design
Light Rail urban design study for Abu Dhabi, City Center open space office tower planning, Two New communities in Abu Dhabi ave population 3,000 people.  New master plan for island development of new community 2,000,000 sm. of residential retail schools and recreation.  UAE 20130 Master Plan team leader Member of the overall master plan for the country, population of 3 million.
New Communities
Four new communities, residential and commercial as well as police, fire, support facilities, including schools, parks and recreation, average population 2800.  Received urban planning awards of merit from MODULA
One regional center and five area centers in conjunction with mixed use and hospitality developments.
Professional Employment History

2000-2006  DLR Group Architects, Seattle, Hawaii, Omaha, Phoenix, Denver, Chicago,  Beijing
   National Architecture and Engineering Company
Director of Design Senior Designer for Retail / Hospitality studio for company. Nationally19 offices. 600 employees world wide 7 largest A&E firm in the USA.  Developed the retail and hospitality markets for the company and set the design standards with 2 AIA design awards and 2 ICSC awards. Design Leader for the Retail Market Nationally.
Key projects experiences
Six Five Star Hotels, operators such as Four Seasons and Fairmont, hotels average size 340 rooms, four Boutique Hotels, ave size 200 rooms. Received 3 design awards, AIA and Hoteliers of America
Four Regional Centers, Valley Mall, Mall 205, Medford Center, Washington Square, ave size 800,000 sf. Received 2 design awards for projects, ICSC AIA. Louis Vuitton, LA Central Store, 40,000 sf. received 2, ICS, AIA, Retailers Interiors design awards. 20 small retail shops of Nine West, DFS, Computer City, Sports centers, and non-national brands. Louis Vuitton, LA Central Store, 40,000 sf. received 2, ICS, AIA, Retailers Interiors design awards. 20 small retail shops of Nine West, DFS, Computer City, Sports centers, and non-national brands.
Five, Fry’s electronic stores, west coast, ave. size 60,000 sf.  Three Cabels ave 65,000 sf.
One, City Hall, 250,000 sf  office, meeting rooms with city jail and courts. , Federal Court House, Eugene City Hall, primary court halls and administrative chambers. Worked with Tom Mayne received AIA design award for project, received JIA design award for project. Sacramento Convention Center, two Convention Center 1, 000,000.00 sf. of convention hall, 7 restaurants, meeting rooms, 200 room hotel and display areas.

Planning Urban Design
New town for Fuzhoe China, master plan 6000 acres of regional retail center, housing- mid rise, townhouse and single family, educational facilities, destination resort’s, sports stadium, regional governmental center, regional office center and new town in town, public recreational areas, 7,000 residences. One billion USD construction.  Master planning and urban design for all governmental facilities as well as all regional retail projects.

Residential Mixed Use
Three mixed-use developments multi-family residential, large retail, office and restaurants all set in urban areas.

1989-1999  MSG, Seattle, LA, NY, Beijing, Guangzhou, Dalian, Harbin, Hong Kong
   Design, Management and Planning Company
Managing Service Director World Wide, and Senior Designer for Asia.  Lead company and developed the Asia market. Company founder. Started the company with 2 people and grew through merging with company partner-NORINCO to 2000 in 10 years. This is a join venture between, NORINCO, heavy industries for the development of commercial products Asia, Europe and North America and myself.  Developed business and markets for architecture and products in Spain, UK, China, USA, Canada, France, and Australia. Responsible for the company actives of Design Planning Finance, Market Management-development.     
Key projects experiences
Retail Regional   
Expansion Tacoma Mall, Capital Mall, Rainier Square ave size 500,000 sf., In association with CDA Architects.
Retail Fast Food    
Ten, Fast food Restaurants, Five Red Robins, in association with Don Hanson Architects, ave size 7,000 sf. Three, Chucky Chees restaurants done in association with CDA Architects.
12 specialty restaurants, 3 themed prototypes and 12 role outs, 4 design awards, 25 hotel restaurants
     Five, Five Star Hotels, Peninsula, Hong Kong Regency, Raffles Makati’s, Butai Hilton, ave size 350 rms, all with convention and recreational facilities.
Tacoma Convention, Convention Halls retail, housing & office Is the corner for the redevelopment of the down town of the city..500, 000 sf.
Ten, Manufacturing Facilities, Campuses, industrial buildings/campus planning, development in various locations in China. ave size 300,000sf. Buildings ave 1,000,000.0 sf sites. Provide construction and product industrial planning and process management.
Product Design
Designed and Manufactured commercial recreational products for the sports market.  Fifteen products developed and manufactured for other companies in the USA and Europe. Provided financing shipping imports exports and market development and design of products.
Mixed Use Residential
The Hong Kong Re-claim, this is a series of 5, 30 to 45-story Office, Residential, with large Retail bases all connecting to the cities existing rail and boat mass transportation net work.  Development made up of 6 towers. New Town in Shanghai Two million sf. of mixed use, retail, office and residential. 

Educational Summary     Yale University, MED. M. Arch. MCP. professional degrees. 
                  Washington State University B.Arch. professional degree.
                  Harvard University MBA

Certifications              AIA, AICP, LEED AP, RIBA,JIA.

Software                Auto Cad, Photoshop, Excel, Word, Project Manger, Premiere,
     Sketch-Up. Rivet, Management, Illustrator, InDesign, Power Point,

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Status: Built
Location: various
My Role: lead designer director