Keith Snider

Keith Snider

Brooklyn, NY, US


Miami Pump House - Skate Park / Night Club

This project was the result of a local competition to redesign the existing exterior of the Miami Pump House. We propose: A street level activity zone that defines Biscayne Boulevard and adds a presence of people and activities. At street level, an LED interactive screen displays actions taking place in the building. The building’s entry includes additional interactive screens where you learn about the pump station and how the proposed building collects water and irrigates the park. On the second level visitors enter the pump station’s interior from above and learn about its role and vital importance to the city. This level includes restaurants with private gathering spaces. On the third floor a skate park is introduced, injecting a dynamic force into the building. Purposefully agitating and introducing the elements of surprise, difference, excitement, and danger to the experience. And finally, an outdoor space where one comes in contact with the energy of Miami. Imagine being surrounded by the Miami skyline. Below automobiles are streaming along 395 to Miami Beach. The Port of Miami is in the distance. Overhead jet airliners are taking off from MIA. On this level a night clubs exists. Imagine having a cocktail, absorbed in the city’s energy, suddenly a skateboarder pops through the floor performing aerial acrobatics disrupting your sense of balance and expectation

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Miami, FL, US
My Role: Principle In Charge
Additional Credits: Design Team: James Downey, Armand Ignelzi