Yehuda Gutstein

Yehuda Gutstein

Skokie, IL, US


Private Residence #2

The clients had bought an old and poorly upkept home, and were looking to fix it up and modernize at the same time. They were looking to have the bedrooms redesigned, add a new bathroom on the main floor, new kitchen and a new family room. They also wanted to resdesign the basement in an efficient manner to include 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, laundry room and a large playspace for their children. On the main floor, the closets in the bedrooms were relocated to give 2 of the rooms one closet and the master bedroom 2 closets. The lone bathroom was converted into 2 full-bathrooms, the master bath having a tub and the other with a shower. This move was made possible by relocating the stairs down to the basement. Relocating the stairs also allowed for a larger kitchen with more cabinets and counterspace. 2 walls were knocked down - one between the kitchen and dining room, and 1 between the dining room and family room. This allowed all of these spaces, plus the living room to be one continuous and open space. In the basement, the laundry room was shrunk to a fraction of its original size, and 2 bedrooms and a bathroom filled the remainder of that space. The rest of the basement is an open space for the children to play.

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Status: Built
Location: Skokie, IL, US