Kenneth Cheston

Kenneth Cheston

Washington, DC, US


Creative Arts Centre

In the near future, Roger Williams University would like to build a 'Creative ARts Centre' that would host the interdisciplinary studies such as the arts, theater, and music. Not only does the school call upon a building to host these studies but to be able to present them to the campus community in an inviting way that welcomes all regional, national and world communities.

The site has longitudinal dimensions due to the presence of 'The Commons' or cafeteria from the east and the School of Architecture from the west. Challenging aspect of this project is to make sure the building respects the neighboring facades and does not intervene with important views.

Program: Gallery, Administration Offices, Recital Hall, Building Facilities, Centre Facilites (Wood shop, Electrical Shop, Recording Studio, and Production Studio).

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Status: School Project
Location: Bristol, RI, US
My Role: School Project