Harshad Shitole

Harshad Shitole

Delft, NL


NEXT Active facade

This thesis is performed as the finalization of the master degree of the masters in Building Technology,
track Façade Design at the faculty of Architecture. The topic is about the NEXT Active façade and its detailed application. The main objective of my thesis was to understand the feasibility of NEXT concept in a given condition and working out a detailed application for the system. NEXT is a collaborative platform of facade industry experts Alcoa, TROX, Somfy, Delta Netherlands, Hurks, Cepezed and TU Delft. NEXT deals in decentralized ventilation system. It is not a product but an idea. It is an open system or a tool box like desktop computers with several modules we can choose from depending on the requirement of the building or client. There were previous attempts by different companies to go for a facade integrated services solutions but the main advantage of NEXT over others is its modular setup. Communication between the players involved in the facade construction e.g - architects, contractors, advisors, system suppliers etc. becomes very important when it comes to time and cost of construction. A toolbox developed by NEXT as a design tool is a first step to optimise the communication.

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Status: School Project
Location: Delft, NL
My Role: Masters Thesis